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About Rusk Renovations

Rusk Renovations transforms apartments and townhouses at New York’s premier addresses. Our success as a General Contractor and Construction Manager draws on three core strengths:
  • Long-standing relationships with top tier building architects and managers
  • Precision and quality built on thorough checklists—created and refined over our 30-year history and the two previous generations of builders in both our families
  • A workforce and subcontractors trained for excellence and rewarded for commitment: our annual three-day college focuses lectures, videos and hands-on demonstrations on keeping staff abreast of theory, practice and code across essential topics
Our clients and their design teams depend on us for resources unavailable to others and the exceptional results they produce. We build beautiful work, more efficiently and more promptly.
John Rusk is a founding faculty member of Columbia University’s Construction Management program, where he has taught for the last decade. Of the firms in its category, Rusk Renovations alone has earned a place among Crain’s “Best Places to Work in NYC.”

Where we Build in New York City


Rusk Renovations Project Locations Map2


1 Central Park South
1 East 66 th Street
1 East End Avenue
1 Madison Avenue
1 Main St.- Brooklyn
1 West 81st Street
10 Gracie Square
101 Central Park West
105 West 72nd Street
108 Fifth Avenue
11 Fifth Avenue
111 West 17th Street
1110 Park Avenue
1130 Park Avenue
1155 Park Avenue
1172 Park Avenue
118 West 79th Street
12 East 49 th Street
1210 East 73rd Street
1310 Herschell Street
13-15 West 54th Street
137 Riverside Drive
139 West 19th Street
14 Garden Place
140 East 63 rd Street
145 Central Park West
145 East 76th Street
146 Central Park West
15 West 67th Street
150 Charles
150 West 56th Street
151 Wooster Street
154 West 18th Street
155 Franklin Street
158 98th Street
16 West 77 th Street
160 Central Park South
160 Riverside Drive
160 West 66 th Street
17 East 92nd Street
170 Columbia Heights
170 East End Avenue
173 Riverside Drive
174 East 74th Street
186 Riverside Drive
2 East 67th Street
20 West 64 th Street
2109 Broadway
211 Central Park West
211 Madison Avenue
211 West 58212 West 18th St
214 East 31st Street
214 West 29th Street
215 West 75th Street
222 Central Park South
23 East 22nd Street
2 East 67th Street
20 West 64 th Street
2109 Broadway
211 Central Park West
211 Madison Avenue
211 West 58212 West 18th St
214 East 31st Street
214 West 29th Street
215 West 75th Street
222 Central Park South
23 East 22nd Street
43 5th Avenue
432 Park Avenue
440 West End Avenue
453 FDR Drive
47 East 91st Street
470 Park Avenue
48 Bond Street
48 East 73rd Street
49 East 21st Street
50 East 79th Street
50 Sutton Place
5240 Independence Avenue
53 Crosby Street
535 West End Avenue
546 East 87th Street
55 Hudson Street
56 West 71 st Street
570 Park Avenue
59 West 12th Street
6 West 77th Street 
60 Bethune Street
61 North Moore Street
610 West End Avenue
630 Park Avenue
655 Park Avenue
66 East 79 th Street
7 Gracie Square
700 Park Avenue
725 5th Avenue
73 Wooster Street
737 Park Avenue
75 Central Park West
75 Spring Street
768 5th Avenue 
80 Central Park West
815 Park Avenue
825 West End Avenue
850 Park Avenue
863 Park Avenue
870 Fifth Avenue
870 UN Plaza
885 Park Avenue
912 5th Avenue
920 5th Avenue
924 West End Avenue
95 Charles Street
Columbus Circle
Trump Plaza

How We Build


How We Work

We believe that a project well-planned is a project 50% on its way to successful completion.


Project Planning

Pre-construction due diligence: No plan is 100% complete. Client needs evolve, making every plan a work in progress.  We see our work during the estimation process to cross check the project; look for coordination and make sure subcontractors recognize scope across multiple drawings.  We also look to find ways to save money while making details more beautiful and durable. 


Page Turn: After project award, Rusk invites our supervision staff and subcontractors to carefully review the drawings and anticipate questions and issues that will turn up during the course of the project. We then meet with the project architect onsite for a “page-turn”, to discuss these issues one subcontractor group at a time.  The millworker will ask about shop drawings details before they start drawing, electricians will coordinate lighting scope, HVAC contractors will work out proposed duct paths, etc. The process may take six hours of focused time but by the end of the meeting the questions will be on the table and the design team will have the proper time to address them. 


Probes:  We propose probing every location where walls are being removed and plumbing is being connected.  Knowing about issues before construction begins will save weeks of work and thousands of dollars later. 


Passing the building review: Thanks to our longstanding relationships with the building architects of many notable buildings, we are able to assist the design team to pass building reviews. Our assistance typically shortens the approval process by 30-60 days. Managers of landmark residential buildings will confirm that Rusk follows building rules closely. As a result, we are recommended to work in many of New York’s premiere residential buildings.


Insurance: Planning for the unexpected is part of our job and managing risks is at the core of what we do.  We autopsy our completed projects for lessons learned and integrate those into our checklists to avoid issues in the future.  We also maintain a $15 million liability insurance coverage--an industry-leading amount.  We regularly review subcontractor insurance and keep up to date with the intricacies of insurance coverage to keep our clients safe.


Bench Strength

Systems Knowledge: In the 1980’s, we became students of the emerging technologies of mechanical and low-voltage systems. Today, Rusk leads the industry in specialized knowledge of sophisticated systems. We understand how to integrate them into a renovation without compromising the architect's or designer's vision. We provide training on this topic to architects and designers in workshops approved by the AIA.


Visual Presentation: Rusk provides detailed mock-ups for a reason: We know physical samples and mockups of actual spaces help every client to understand the built environment more completely, whether or not they can “read” drawings. 


Beauty is Invisible: Rusk addresses the unseen elements of fine construction to further distinguish the sophistication of our projects. The attention to details, such as laser-level framing and tight miters, are consistent with our time-honored approach to building. Changes to building codes and regulations require that we continually update our practice to meet new standards in sound attenuation, waterproofing and fire stopping. We satisfy these complex requirements and make sure that no structural detail calls attention to itself. 
Integration of Art and Craft: Rusk "gets" the aesthetic intent of each project. Our management and key project staff have academic training in fine arts, architecture, engineering, and the building trades. In addition, all staff receives on-going training relevant to disciplines that inform our work including our unique mechanical college, 3 days of training in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sprinklers, gas, plumbing, electric, low voltage and shades. 
Post-construction and warranty services: We provide a two-year warranty on our projects as well as post construction services to our clients. Doing so ensures that every project looks and functions beautifully for years.


Supervision and Field Staff

The individuals who work in your home are the people we’d welcome to work in ours.  Most of our staff are second or third-generation builders.  Many are academically trained in fine arts, architecture, engineering, and in the building trades. Our vigorous application process includes multiple interviews in the office and in the field, skills testing, and a thorough background check conducted by an independent third-party service. Employee training and development is ongoing to ensure that we continue to lead the industry in building technology, new materials, and techniques. Rusk possesses an uncommon depth of institutional knowledge and project continuity thanks to our dedicated staff.  Our high employee retention leads the industry.
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